This panoramic view of Mt Cook National Park and Lake Pukaki is Eske Style's representation of Aotearoa 'land of the long white cloud'. for copies of this photo please contact us
Nau mai haere mai piki mai
Welcome to New Zealand, Aotearoa "Land of the long white cloud"
New Zealand - A Must See Destination

Eske Style is proud to promote New Zealand as A Must See Destination
through our informative interactive site and photos about New Zealand places and icons.

Geothermal Areas     Glaciers     Lakes And Rivers     Our Coastline     Paradise     Our People     Fertile Lands    

New Zealand is renowned for its natural beauty and clean green environment. This paradise has rugged mountains, rolling hillsides and extensive plains. Tranquillity overtakes the senses as you walk in tune with nature or be overawed as you drive through our spectacular New Zealand scenery.
Mt Aspiring, Glenhu Bay, South Island, New Zealand
Mt Aspiring.
Mt Aspiring from Glendhu Bay South Island, New Zealand.
This is one of many picturesque scenes you will take in while driving through our countryside and in our photo gallery.
Our People

Mix & mingle with New Zealanders (Kiwis) and gain an insight of
Māori Culture

and the diversity of the people of Aotearoa, as
we welcome you with open arms and warm smiles.
Kapa Haka, Otahuhu College, Auckland, New Zealand
Kapa Haka.
Otahuhu College, South Auckland, New Zealand is renowned for their traditional interhouse Māori Kapa Haka competition which is performed with enthusiasm and mana (pride) by the students.

There are many enormous glaciers on the Southern Alps and A Must See Destination is the Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier being world renowned while the Tasman Glacier has the distinction of being the largest in New Zealand. Glaciers are mountains of melting ice slowly moving over thousands of years. These can be viewed by taking a short walk, scenic flight or helicopter up and hike down. To appreciate this mammoth phenomenon it is best to explore the glacier on a guided tour.

Franz Josef Glacier, Westland, South Island, New Zealand
Franz Josef Glacier.
The Māori call Franz Josef Glacier
"Ka Roimata O Hinehukatere"
The Tears of the Avalanche Girl (Hinehukatere).
Westland, South Island, New Zealand.
Awesome Hokianga Harbour, Far North, New Zealand Hokianga Harbour.
Beautiful Hokianga Harbour in the
Far North District of New Zealand.
Our Coastline

Our stunning coastline has a wide range of physical attributes from steep cliffs, massive sand dunes and attractive beaches. The beaches can consist of sand, from glistening white to an inviting array of orange and pink hues and the unusual black sand, rock, pebbles or shells.

The seas can have a tranquil gentle setting to the crashing waves of a surf beach, producing a variety of kaimoana (seafood), delicate and full of favour fish (including good size game fish), succulent oysters, divine scallops, juicy mussels and mouth watering crayfish just to mention a few.

Geothermal Areas

Boiling mud, hot springs, steaming vents and gushing geysers are natural wonders creating a spectrum of colours in our Must See geothermal areas around Rotorua and Taupo. These hot spots are active throughout the year and attract many visitors.

There are many easily accessible volcanic formations throughout the country from petrified forests and fossils to extinct, dormant and active volcanoes which adds to New Zealand’s spectacular scenery.

The Artist Palette, Wai o tapu, Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand The Artist Palette - Wai O Tapu.
The Artist Palette located in the
Wai O Tapu - 'Sacred Waters',
Thermal Wonderland,
Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand.
Fertile Lands

New Zealand’s climate and fertile lands provides a diverse range of agricultural and horticultural industries.
We have gained a world wide reputation for our top quality produce.
The Ponga frond is represented in the Maori 'Koru' design, New Zealand
Ponga Frond.
Where the shape of the koru symbol found in Māori art is inspired meaning new life and regeneration. The twist of the Koru also represents eternity and the coming together of peoples. The Ponga is found throughout New Zealand, primarily in forest areas.
Punga, native tree fern. Pukekura Park, New Plymouth, North Island, New Zealand
The Punga
The Punga is a native tree fern
with a silver back to its fronds
from which the
New Zealand national sporting emblem
"The Silver Fern" is taken from.
Photo "Punga Island" Pukekura Park New Plymouth
Lakes And Rivers

Emerald and deep blue lakes, swift and gentle flowing rivers and streams are carved into the landscape of New Zealand. They provide a variety of freshwater food such as salmon and trout while creating opportunities to indulge in a range of water activities.
Beautiful Waikato River from Spa Park, Taupo, North Island, New Zealand
Waikato River.

The Waikato River looks beautiful as it flows with serene ease north to Huka Falls as seen from the Spa Park entrance Taupo, North Island New Zealand.
Haruru Falls, Far North, North Island, New Zealand
Haruru Falls
Whether a visitor, kayaker, boater or a holiday maker Haruru Falls is A Must See Destination when in the Bay of Islands, Far North District of New Zealand.
Kiwi, nocturnal flightless bird and national symbol for New Zealanders
The Kiwi.
The Kiwi, a nocturnal and flightless bird, is the national symbol of New Zealand and its people.

2006 Air New Zealand Cup Rugby Final Waikato Stadium Hamilton. 2006 Air New Zealand Cup Rugby Final
Waikato Stadium Hamilton.
The Air New Zealand Cup 1st division rugby final was played between Waikato and Wellington 21st October 2006 with Waikato winning the champions title by 37-31. The New Zealand Rugby Football Union (NZRFU) provides priceless information on New Zealand rugby.

Maori Tiki made from Pounamu (Greenstone, Jade)
The Tiki.
The Tiki is worn as a good luck charm and symbolises character strength, clear thoughts, loyalty, wisdom and in some areas fertility. It is suggested the Tiki has strong links with sea creatures as he is often carved with webbed feet.
We Gratefully Acknowledge;
Johnny Chan for the panoramic Mt Cook photo.
He Wahi Whakairo Graduate Carver, Kemera Wilson for Maori Clip Art - people and ornaments.
New Zealand Koru Design Button the main Maori Site on the Net, for the Web button which we proudly use on our web pages.
Rays of the Sunrise reaching Mt Egmont/Mt Taranaki, North Island, New Zealand
Mount Taranaki/Egmont.
Mount Taranaki as the rays from the sun rise reaches the peak and snowy slopes. Photo taken from Dawson Falls Mountain Lodge Stratford, North Island, New Zealand.
New Zealand, where people are friendly, the country is small with its own unique warmth and vibrancy, making
New Zealand - A Must See Destination.



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