Ashburton New Zealand
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Ashburton is the commercial centre of one of New Zealand's richest agricultural and pastoral regions. It is ideally located just one hour’s drive south of Christchurch, New Zealand . Ashburton Aerodrome was the first airport in the South Island owned by a local body and the second such in New Zealand. The Ashburton Aerodrome is the responsibility of the Ashburton District Council in its capacity as the Ashburton Airport Authority. Ashburton Aerodrome occupies some 100 hectares and is located on the outskirts of Ashburton township some 5.5 kms from the Town Centre.


The Ashburton District covers the central part of the South Island, New Zealand. The area is bounded in the east by the Pacific Ocean, the west by the Southern Alps and has as its northern and southern boundaries, the Rakaia and Rangitata Rivers respectively. The district covers 6,175 square kilometres.

Maori Translation of Ashburton

The Māori name for the area and town is ‘Hakatere’
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Ashburton has a wide range of attractions and activities with skiing at Mount Hutt which has been a major winter recreational, fishing for salmon at the Rakaia and Rangitata Rivers, world renown rafting and jet boating experiences, or try the many trails for walking, tramping and mountaineering, or maybe the experience of Hot Air Ballooning is more your style. The Ashburton District is well endowed with recreational green spaces, playgrounds and walkways that join into large open park surrounds catering for all different forms of recreation. The well-planned and meticulously tended parks and gardens are an attractive feature of the district. Whatever it is you would like to do Ashburton will surely have it. Whatever it is you would like to do Ashburton will surely have it.


Everything is close at hand in Ashburton. The magnificent parking facilities adjacent to State Highway One in the central area make it easy to stop and appreciate the convenient and high quality shopping facilities, the cafes, restaurants and craft shops, the nationally recognised art gallery and the wealth of information in the museum and the visitor information centre.


The land on which the town of Ashburton stands was obtained from the Canterbury Association. The aim was to build a Church of England settlement like the Mother Country. The river and the town were named after the Hon. William Baring (Lord Ashburton) a prominent member of the first New Zealand Land Association founded by Wakefield in 1837.



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